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What is a Public Adjuster?
An authority on loss adjustments who you can retain to assist you in preparing, filing and adjusting your insurance claims. Public Adjusters represent you, the Insured, not the insurance company.

Is Biller Associates Tri-State, LLC connected with insurance companies?
No. We are employed exclusively by you - the policyholder - not by an insurance company.

What types of claims do Biller Associates Tri-State, LLC handle?
We handle all types of insured losses to residential and commercial property including: fire, flood, windstorm, frozen pipes, vandalism, theft and all other property losses.

How can Biller Associates Tri-State, LLC help me?
You will have the advantage of our expert assistance based on years of experience in handling all types of claims. We will relieve you of the many time-consuming and difficult burdens involved in preparing, filing and negotiating your claim. We will ensure that you receive a prompt and fair settlement.

Can I prepare my own claim?
Sure, but it stands to reason that the experienced professionals at Biller Associates Tri-State, LLC will do so with more competence. After all, most people have never even read their policy, let alone adjusted a claim.

We will prepare and submit all necessary property damage estimates, including building, contents, additional living expense and lost income.

What is the extent of Biller Associates responsibility?
We will assist with every phase of your claim, including but not limited to securing your property, coordinating the damage mitigation efforts, evaluating your insurance coverage, preparing and submitting all of the necessary damage repair estimates, contents inventories and Business Interruption/Additional Living Expense/Loss of Use claims. We will help you file all of the necessary paperwork and Proofs of Loss. We will negotiate on your behalf so as to achieve a maximum settlement of your claim.

How do you determine the actual loss?
We will inspect the damages and our experienced in-house estimators will prepare comprehensive repair estimates. Our inventory specialists will compile a physical inventory of your personal property losses. We will calculate and compile your Business Interruption/Additional Living Expense/Loss of Use claim.

When should I engage Biller Associates Tri-State, LLC?
Right away. Once you report your claim, the love affair between you and your insurance company is over. The burden of protecting your property, mitigating and preserving the damages and preparing and submitting your claim is on you, not your insurance company.

Won't my insurance company provide me with an adjuster?
Your insurance company will send out its own adjuster to protect its own interest. The burden of preparing, filing and documenting your claim is on you, not the insurance company. The insurance company adjuster will analyze your claim based on the best interests of his/her employer, the insurance company. Biller Associates Tri-State's staff of experienced adjusters, on the other hand, will relieve you of the tremendous burden of preparing, filing and documenting your claim. We will measure your coverage and evaluate your claim based on the interests of your employer, YOU.

How long will my claim take and will it take longer if I hire a Publc Adjuster?
Every claim is unique and there is no specified time within which a claim must be resolved. Usually, the carrier is as anxious to settle your claim as you are. However, often times hasty settlements can cost you dollars and you may not realize just how much until it's too late. Biller Associates Tri-State will do everything possible to resolve your claim quickly. However, we will ensure that you do not give up any of your rights or sacrifice legitimate recovery in the process.

How much do you charge?
A small percentage of the final settlement. In Connecticut, a Public Adjuster's fee is capped at 10%. The fee may vary from state to state. Note, we do not get paid unless and until you do. There is no retainer fee and we cover our own expenses.