Fire & Smoke Damage

The aftermath of a fire can be emotionally devastating and, without our expert assistance, it can be financially devastating as well.

The business end of having a fire kicks in immediately, often, before you are prepared to deal with it.  You, the policy-holder, have the complete burden of protecting your property, mitigating damage, documenting your losses and then preparing, submitting and negotiating your claim.  The insurance company’s adjuster works for them, not you, and they are not always available when you need them.

Our team of professionals will respond immediately to take care of whatever needs to be done.  We can help you with the emergency board-up, coordinating cleaning and damage mitigation, documenting your damages while the scene is fresh, reporting your claim, helping your family find a place to stay and then preparing, submitting and negotiating your claim to make sure that you are properly compensated by your insurance company.

We are extremely hands-on and we take control of every aspect of the claim process, starting right after the fire and not ending until you are back in your home.


If your business is affected, the physical damages are only one part of the picture. There is also loss of business income, extra expenses and the immediacy of getting open as quickly as possible so that you don’t lose customers. Our team works together to address every aspect of your claim to keep the process moving while making sure nothing is left out.

My home had a nasty fire. I did not hire Biller Associates right away because I figured that my insurance company would take care of me. I could not have been more wrong. The adjuster from the insurance company showed up pretty quickly and was a nice enough guy so I thought that I would be ok. However, the niceties quickly transitioned to “you have to do this…you have to do that…this isn’t covered…the fire is no so bad…you need to use our cleaner…you need to use our contractor….” They literally offered me $1,500.00, which I thought was a joke.

Quintin Fowler

Home Owner

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The Biller Associates Team is available 24/7 and we will be there, wherever and whenever, you need us.  Immediately following the catastrophe, call us first to protect your interests.

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