Mold can occur due to a variety of reasons; flooding, storm damage, burst pipes, leaky plumbing, water used to put out a fire, environmental conditions and so on. Insurance policies contain many mold related exclusions that insurance companies can use to avoid paying for necessary mold remediation. Our adjuster’s will investigate the facts, work with a certified mold remediation contractor and then work to get your covered claim paid. A small mold situation can quickly escalate to a sick house and sick residents if it’s not properly taken care of.

Returning from a weeklong summer vacation this summer, we found that most of our home had been destroyed by a water event. Fortunately, my brother who is a lawyer told us that we definitely needed to hire our own adjuster, a fact we would otherwise not have known. He highly recommended David Biller, so we called him that night.

The next day David arrived and immediately suggested we dismiss the company our insurance company had called in to deal with the mess. David pointed out that the company had not done a thorough job of utilizing everything necessary to dry out our house immediately. Most importantly, they did not pull out the kitchen immediately to prevent mold growth.

Barbara Cohen

Home Owner

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