David and his team saved us.

Returning from a weeklong summer vacation this summer, we found that most of our home had been destroyed by a water event. Fortunately, my brother who is a lawyer told us that we definitely needed to hire our own adjuster, a fact we would otherwise not have known. He highly recommended David Biller, so we called him that night.

The next day David arrived and immediately suggested we dismiss the company our insurance company had called in to deal with the mess. David pointed out that the company had not done a thorough job of utilizing everything necessary to dry out our house immediately. Most importantly, they did not pull out the kitchen immediately to prevent mold growth.

Wisely, we followed David’s advice. We could see the difference the new company made right away.

The process of dealing with our insurance company’s adjusters and moving toward hiring a renovation contractor was difficult. However, David and his staff not only helped us navigate the process but they also were able to secure a significant increase in the original amount offered by our insurance company. We can’t imagine anyone doing any more for a client than Biller Associates did for us.

Barbara Cohen

An incredible experience.

Hiring Biller Associates to represent me as my Public Adjusters was one of the best decisions I ever made.

My home had a nasty fire. I did not hire Biller Associates right away because I figured that my insurance company would take care of me. I could not have been more wrong. The adjuster from the insurance company showed up pretty quickly and was a nice enough guy so I thought that I would be ok. However, the niceties quickly transitioned to “you have to do this…you have to do that…this isn’t covered…the fire is no so bad…you need to use our cleaner…you need to use our contractor….” They literally offered me $1,500.00, which I thought was a joke. They were more focused on showing me what wasn’t damaged and what wasn’t covered than helping me.

After going in circles for a few weeks, I decided to give Biller Associates a try. Everything changed for the better immediately. First, they got me set up in a long stay hotel (my insurance company never presented this as an option). Next, David Biller and his contents person, Melissa, went to work. Fortunately for me, David Biller has a law background, which proved to be a major advantage because my insurance company was arguing that parts of my claim wouldn’t be covered. By the time they were done, my $1,500.00 claim became a nearly $200,000.00 claim and I was able to pick whoever I wanted to fix my home however I wanted to fix it.

The employees at Biller Associates are thorough, professional and have a friendly attitude.

I would recommend Biller Associates to any of my family and friends. I am very happy to have made this decision.

Quintin Fowler

David and his team stood out from the competition.

In January of 2015 my home and everything in it was destroyed by a fire. After the fire, a number of people approached me offering help. There were Public Adjusters, contractors and cleaners all with similar pitches about how I needed them. I knew that I couldn’t handle the situation by myself and that I needed professional assistance. However, I was confused as to who to hire. Fortunately, later that morning I met David Biller from Biller Associates. He immediately stood out from the rest. It was obvious that he was the most knowledgeable of everyone there that day and I really liked his empathetic approach and the way he broke everything down for me so that I could understand the process. I hired him right then and there.

David and his staff took care of everything. My fire happened in the dead of winter and because of all of the water used to put out the fire, my house was a block of ice. I watched as David and his staff brought in heaters and thawed the heaps of burned clothes and personal property that were frozen together. I definitely could not have done what I watch them do and my insurance company made it clear that they weren’t going to do it for me.

David and his staff didn’t miss a thing. I never imagined how devastating a fire could be or how expensive rebuilding my home and replacing my property could be. Fortunately, the good people at Biller Associates did and they stuck with me from beginning to end and even helped me deal with my mortgage company after the claim was settled.

Gerald Deprey

One of the best decisions I ever made.

Hiring Biller Associates to represent me as my Public Adjusters was one of the best decisions I ever made.

It’s a pleasure to recommend David Biller Associates. We contacted David and his team after several attempts to work with our insurance company. Before David got involved, we were going to receive $80.00 beyond our deductible for repairs due to flooding in our basement. This was not going to pay for new carpeting, painting, and carpentry due to mold on wood paneling and trim.

After David went to work on our behalf, we received $3000 beyond our deductible. This covered our expense and brought our basement/playroom back to where it was before the water damage. Since I’m allergic to mold, it’s a great relief to have a healthy house again.

Just as important as the cash amount is the relief I had in turning over contact with our insurance company to David. Before that, every phone call to the insurance representative was frustrating. I felt like I had to fight for every detail of our claim. David knew the experts to bring in to inspect the damage, and he handled every conversation. It brought great peace of mind to turn the fight over to him.

I had a great experience with David and Donna. I’d recommend them to anyone having difficulty with an insurance claim.

Susan McMahon