Theft & Vandalism

In the event that your home or investment property is damaged by theft and/or vandalism, our adjusters will inspect the damage and help you put together as much documentation as necessary to support your claim.

When you suffer a theft, insurance companies can try to avoid paying for stolen items based on insufficient documentation or lack of proof. They can frustrate you for months with documentation requests, Examination Under Oaths and other by-products of, what can be, a long and tiresome investigation. Our adjusters will work with you to help you meet your burden to prove your claim but also to prevent the claims process from being unnecessarily burdensome.

Vandalism usually involves a debate about what is truly vandalism versus what is just hard-living. Vandalism is covered but damages due to hard-living are not and the cause of the damage can be subjective.

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The Biller Associates Team is available 24/7 and we will be there, wherever and whenever, you need us.  Immediately following the catastrophe, call us first to protect your interests.

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