Don’t underestimate the damage that water can do. Water damage can be deceiving and, if not properly addressed immediately, it can lead to future problems with mold and other hidden damages.  If necessary, we will dispatch a professional mitigation contractor to test for moisture and determine the best steps to prevent further damage.  Our team is involved in every step of the process, working closely with the mitigation company to make sure that your interests are protected. Then, we will meet the insurance company’s adjuster on site to make sure that your damages are completely paid for.



Flood claims can be especially difficult for the average homeowner to try and handle on their own. First, a flood, usually, causes significant damage to whole neighborhoods, meaning that local mitigation resources and other assistance may be difficult to come by. The flood claim process is unique in that coverages are very specific, with numerous exclusions and little customer service. Flood adjusters descend, in mass, from all over the country with, quite literally, hundreds of claims to personally address. If the flood adjuster misses something during his/her first and, usually, only inspection, the process of obtaining supplemental consideration can be lengthy and frustrating. Our adjuster’s make sure that all of the damages are accounted for and then we stay on top of your claim to make sure that you get proper compensation.


Burst Pipes/Frozen Plumbing/Ice Dams

When the cold weather arrives, there are sure to be problems with frozen plumbing and, depending on the amount of snow, ice dams. People are often surprised at how much damage can be caused by a single burst pipe. Fortunately for our clients, we know what to look for. Our adjusters will address everything, mitigation, wet ceiling and walls, cracked tiles, delaminated cabinets, buckled flooring and all types of damage that can result from a busted pipe.

It’s a pleasure to recommend David Biller Associates. We contacted David and his team after several attempts to work with our insurance company. Before David got involved, we were going to receive $80.00 beyond our deductible for repairs due to flooding in our basement. This was not going to pay for new carpeting, painting, and carpentry due to mold on wood paneling and trim.

After David went to work on our behalf, we received $3000 beyond our deductible. This covered our expense and brought our basement/playroom back to where it was before the water damage.

Susan McMahon


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The Biller Associates Team is available 24/7 and we will be there, wherever and whenever, you need us.  Immediately following the catastrophe, call us first to protect your interests.

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